Taylor Momsen - Rock and Roll Fashions

Taylor Momsen black sequenced mini dress with tied green sash and silver shoes
Credit: INFphoto.com
Taylor Momsen mini dress with silver shoes

Taylor Momsen is very busy these days, shooting scenes for new episodes of the Gossip Girl, being the cover girl for Teen Vogue magazine, and singing with her pop rock band The Pretty Reckless.

Pretty hard to imagine that this sexy and multitalented dynamo just recently celebrated her Sweet Sixteen Brithday on July 26 by rocking the Hiro Ballroom in New York City with her band The Pretty Reckless and rocking the house as her fans and fellow Gossip Girl cast members Ed Westwick, Michelle Trachtenbert and Matthew Settle watched from the audience.

After a ten song set, Momsen still had enough wind to blow out the candles on a beautiful pink birthday cake.

But most of all, Momsen sense of fashion is refreshing and provoking.

Taylor Momsen blue denim short shorts and t-shirt
Credit: INFphoto.com
Taylor Momsen short shorts and t-shirt

She is transforming her image away from the teen idol image and towards a more rock and roll and adult look.

Momsen has the figure and those long curly hairs to pull off most looks.

Even relaxing on the set of Gossip Girl in very short shorts, wide belt, and dark t-shirt topped off with a blue and white checkered flannel shirt, Momsen looks hot.

She really rocks and rolls in a tight fitting black mini skirt with silver sparkles and dark green material rapped around it.

Yes, and those silver ankle boots, great for the space age or the rock and roll stage.

Hum, we really love Taylor Momsen fashion look and will keep you updated on her new fashion looks before the new season of Gossip Girl begins.


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