Hot Photo, Dewi Persik kissed Aldi Taher

dewi persikHousehold relationships and dangdut singer Dewi Persik movie player reportedly cracked. Aldi Taher reportedly furious with Goddess intimate scenes with handsome actor Keith Foo from Malaysia.

In fact, Dewi Persik reportedly preferred to spend time on location rather than go home, even when filming was over.

Feeling washed problem, Keith Foo spoke. He claimed not to know about the domestic rift colleagues in the film game that Kuntilanak Paku. "The name we sued like that, yes we do it," he admitted when found in the Plaza FX, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, Rrabu (29/7/2009).

Keith also confirmed that he had no special relationship with Dewi Persik. What's he doing, no more than just professional.

"He (Goddess) is very professional," he commented.

dewi persikAs intimate scenes with the Goddess in bathup, Keith did not know whether the time to watch Aldi directly or not. "I was taken from the room and straight into it. So see if there's not Aldi or not," he said.

Previously, Dewi Persik admitted that he had to get permission from her husband to play in this movie.