Sexy Brazilian Bikini and Fitness Model Helen Ganzarolli Wet At The Beach

Bikini model Helen Ganzarolli in black string bikini gets wet at beach
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Brazilian bikini model Helen Ganzarolli gets wet at the beach

Sexy Brazilian bikini and fitness model Helen Ganzarolli enjoys the cooling water as she caps off a day at the Ipanema beach in the south of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The sexy Brazilian bikini model is wearing a black Brazilian thong string bikini bottom with side ties.

Her top is an off the shoulder black bandeau style with centered golden clap.

A real hot and sexy bikini beach look, don't you thing?

She seems to be having a great time under the cool, beach shower.

Ganzarolli was recently featured on the cover of Playboy magazine.

Brazilian model Helen Ganzarolli in black string bikini getting wet at beach - rear view
Credit: Flynet Pictures
Rear view of Brazilian Bikini Model Helen Ganzarolli getting wet at the beach

She is noted for her bikini modeling and dance moves and has appeared on Brazilian television.

Ganzarolli combines Samba moves with belly dance moves to create very sexy and exciting dance numbers.

Her hip movements and booty moves have been featured on Brazilian TV.

So enjoy this sexy, cooling start to the week.

For more sexy dance moves from Helen Ganzarolli, just watch the video chip from her performance on the anther contest.

She wore a silver metallic chain thong skirt, silver metallic top and shoes with string ties up to her kees.

Plus she adds long metallic silver arm stockings to really capture the eye of the television cameraman as she made her sexy booty moves.

A Rhinestone skirt to create a very sexy look.

Watch the video of her performances below.

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