Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi

Birth name    Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri
Birth date     August 18, 1983
Birth place    Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, Indonesia

Even newcomer rank, Sandra is Goddess one that favor eat serpent and monkey this so societies recognised quick pass its acting at QUICKIE EXPRESS stand up with Tora Sudiro and Aming and sinetron runs after present CINTA INDAH.

Come into the world at Jetty Keeps Company With, Bangka Belitung archipelago, 18th August 1983, first child of thises three brotherses hejira go to Jakartas on year 2001 to drawn out colleges at School Of Public Relations's London.

Andreas's couple daughter Basri Noble and Chatarina Erliani it starts its career via elect Miss Enchanteur 2002 and West Jakarta tourism ambasador. But then Sandra decide to concentrate college.

Palembang bloody girl, Tionghoa, Sunda, and this Dutch beginning decides total at entertainment biz since bears away two Fun Fearless Female Majalah Cosmopolitan 2006. Whereabouts either one jury it director BERBAGI SUAMI, Nia dinata .

Nia too is next offer Sandra to follow casting and then getting role as Lila at QUICKIE EXPRESS.

Pass film QUICKIE EXPRESS, Sandra chosen as star of Newcomer most Indonesian Movie Award's version favorite (IMA) 2008.

Besides talent gets acting, Sandra firstly clear away voice spectacular the world. With Sandra's goddess and Luna is Virtual issuing single Play in order to welcome Euro 2008.

Sandra one that calls fanses its with the title' Sanders' it returns to get acting at wide screen gets title TARZAN KE KOTA. At this film Sandra also menyumbangkan its voice for soundtrack film.

Early 2009, Sandra belting along area any other namely as presenter music event gets coronet DERINGS at Trans TV with Desta is Eighties's Club .

On middle 2009, Sandra chosen to become Leprosy Ambasador. As Ambasador Of Leprosy, Sandra on duty do visit on its patient.

Success at world career, apparently not to be followed with success Sandra in term love. Evident, Sandra be still betah menjomblo. Eventually by dozens good-looking and well-established male that approaches it. Even mention Delon , and Donnie Sibarani , vocalist There is Band , are umpteen name which find time close to it.

Even so star FTV PROJECT SATU HATI this not gives up to look for associate life. Pass kind of audition which it do to choose it selection male. And currently available one males of circles non seleb what do close to it. And it hope this relationship can withstand.

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