Dewi persik scandal

         The original name of the owner of this Great Goddess Muria career from stage to stagein the town of birth, Jember, East Java.
This is one of the Indonesian dangdut singer who is very inviting controversy at everyappearance.
Owner rocking the saw, the original muddy and career in Jakarta.
More recently the peach goddess in a fight with Julia perez proclaim in making his latest film (Shake-Depe Jupe).
As a result of this case is not finished until now, even they ready to take him to the police.
It is interesting to follow this case, reportedly because witnesses were brought Goddesspeach testimony makes it open to make peach goddess in relief, but the witness whowas actually aggravate the Goddess brought peaches.
Who will win, Depe or Jupe?
We wait, who would win in this psychological war.
           Currently Goddess peach has officially joined the Republican chairman in lovemenejement by the frontman of the group Dewa Ahmad dani.
Since joining the Republican peach goddess of love menejement, problem after problem has always come and go.
The first, the Goddess of trouble with his contract with the Republic of menejement loveand eventually ended peacefully this problem.
We must wait lunge artist from Jember, East Java is next.