Photo Luna Maya wear a bikini in water

         It is a gift from god to have no end to luna, she's beautiful and has a body that can sayclose to perfect.
No wonder that many men are crazy about him.
Luna finally fell in the arms of Ariel peterpan.
After the case luna porn video with her boyfriend (ariel) widely circulated in cyberspaceand the infotainment media, is now able to organize themselves luna again to continue his career in the future.
Luna proved a loyal girl, the evidence after the case was ariel in jail and awaiting arielluna loyal and always free to visit her lover in prison.
Luna who started the curry as a model, then became an actress senetron, less satisfiedhe was diving world of tennis as well and now even jumped into the music presenter witholga and Rafi Ahmad.
Luna career progressed since become a star one of the biggest soap product that is ininidonesia, and he was also the beauty trends for the fans very much.